Compliance and Technology

Compliance and security

Security and compliance are priorities for HSPS, which is why our company has invested in

innovative technology to make our services as efficient and transparent as possible. Clients

enjoy free access to our software and have the ability to check status of e-filings and service jobs anytime, anywhere. GPS time and date stamps are attached to each completed service attempt to ensure accuracy and validity. Video/audio recordings of successful serves are also available for single party states. For managing file transfer, HSPS utilizes a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site for uploading and downloading files that both parties can securely access.

HSPS not only invests in technology, but also only contracts with process servers who are dedicated to getting the job done. We only contract with  licensed (where applicable) or  3rd party certified process servers to ensure adherence to all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.  Third party certification  of process servers ensures that we work with the best of the best, who are continually seeking new knowledge in their profession. Our quality assurance department regularly performs audits to verify all staff and contractors are following client requirements.

HSPS also has invested in our office building to pass the strictest of client requirements.  We retain 90 days of video surveillance of the interior and exterior of our building.  HSPS has door access controls to monitor and audit who comes and goes from our.  HSPS also secures all technology in a locked, controlled-access server room to prevent unauthorized tampering of client information.