Compliance and Technology

Security and compliance is a priority for HSPS, which is why our company has invested in innovative technology to make process serving as efficient and transparent as possible. Clients enjoy free access to our service software, and have the ability to check status of jobs anytime, anywhere. GPS time and date stamps are attached to each completed service attempt to ensure accuracy and validity, and video recordings of successful serves are also available for single party states. For managing files, HSPS utilizes a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site for uploading and downloading files that both parties can securely access.

HSPS not only invests in technology, but also in servers who are dedicated to getting the job done. Process servers undergo thorough training on rules of civil procedure before they are sent into the field. Training manuals for process serving code are also provided to employees upon hiring. The auditing and quality assurance department periodically tests the servers’ knowledge of procedure with mandatory quizzes and training updates to encourage retention of serving protocol. All process servers and employees of HSPS participate in legal and regulatory policy training for both our company and our clients. To circumvent mistakes or errors that potentially arise, regular accountability/feasibility audits of our servers’ work is also conducted.