Changing Technology

August 22, 2014

We at Hawkeye State Process Serve LLC have implemented new technology in our organization.  This allows us to:

-Real-time transparent information shared with law firm clients via password-protected web-based portals (rather than secret information only known to the process serving company).

-GPS-verified, time/date stamped smart phone photos of every service attempt evidencing the service location at time of service (rather than having no independent evidence).

-Feasibility scoring of the time between each service attempt to identify unrealistic over-performance and cross-checking that all server attempts are within legal days and hours (rather than running the risk of unfeasible potentially “sewer service” routes or illegal hours for service).

-Increased good service percentages by mandating the best practices of the top field servers such as casting a wide net with morning, afternoon, evening and weekend attempts (rather than going to the same place on the same day and time).

-Daily electronic updates sent to law firm offices eliminating the need for manual data entry of court date and service information — saves time, money and reduces errors.

-All good serves entered into smart phones apps by process servers immediately relayed to the law firm by the process server’s mainframe (rather than finding out sometimes days later that a defendant has been served).

Staying up do date with technology allows us to keep the quality of our product up and keep up with best business/industry practices.  We want to lead and not follow…If you are not a customer of ours, please give us a try and see for your yourself the difference.